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Discover & Reach Your Destiny

God has a Plan and Includes You in it


Destiny Comes Knocking When You're Growing


When you commit to follow Jesus and repent, He changes your life from the inside out. Your relationship with Him will get stronger and stronger when you feed it through daily prayer, worship, Bible reading, and attending your local church and connecting with people there. It's powerful what God does in us.


As you grow, there will come a time when you begin to realize that God has a great plan for mankind, and somehow He's chosen to involve you and your life in this plan. It may happen when you hear something preached at church or when you're spending time with God at home, but it will come.


Your change of life and your newfound relationship with God isn't just about you. God has a plan to change other lives and do things here, and He wants to use you and His other children to reach others and do His work. We call this destiny - your God-given purpose for being alive.


You are alive to know Him personally.

You are alive to touch other lives the way He has touched yours.

You are alive to do His work.


Unlocking Destiny

Here are a few ways you can begin to unlock the destiny of God for your life:


1. Invest in Bible messages, studies, or materials on purpose or destiny.

2. Participate in classes or studies on gifts, serving, and personality offered in your local church.

3. Learn about God's plan, how He gifts us, and how He wires us to use our unique personality, talents, and abilities for His purposes.

4. Invest in a deeper Bible or minsitry education offered here in Jesus' Church or through your local church or a Bible school where you live.

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