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I Want to Know Jesus

How you can start following Jesus today.

Jesus' said, "I am the Door."

We know what life without God is like. We've lived that life before. It can be fun, enjoyable, and even give a temporary sense of satisfaction, but it is also very empty, dark, and leaves people with the sense on the inside that something is missing. Life without God can appear to be fine on the outside, but with no inward peace, purity, purpose, or true fulfillment, it ends up being empty and meaningless.


Jesus said He is the door (John 10:9). He also said He is the way (John 14:6).


What is Jesus the door to? What is He the way to?


Well, to put it very simply, Jesus is the door to a new life. He is the way to God the Father that can give you a new life as His child. It begins when you realize where you are and how much you really need God in your life. This moment of awakening is special because it makes you want to surrender, turn your life over to God, and turn away from anything you did before that was not of God. This is "repentance" - to turn away from a life without God and the evil things (sin) we did before, and turn to a new life of following God. Those evil things could be things like pride, lust, lying, stealing, or mistreating others or even mistreating ourselves. Romans 3:23 says what each of us knows to be true, "For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God."


Jesus died on the cross for our sin; the things we've done that are against God's commands in the Bible. He rose from the grave three days later in total victory over sin and death. Now, anyone who believes in Jesus, repents of sin, and lives in relationship with Him and follows Him, can receive the new life that He is the door and the way to.


Have You Come to the Door?


The Bible says, "If any man be in Christ, he is a new creation." Isn't it time for you to step through the door and begin a new life as God's child? Turn away from sin today and surrender your life to Jesus. Accept Him as your Lord, declaring your faith and belief in Him. Believe that His death on the cross and resurrection make it possible for you to be God's child, because He took your place and died for your sin.


Jesus will immediately forgive you of all sin, give you a brand new start as His child, and fill you with an overwhelming since of forgiveness, cleansing, and purity. Pray to Him now, in your own words, and believe in Him. 


What's next after you put your faith in Jesus? 




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