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Kingdom Ministries International Spirit and Life School

Teaching the Word and the Holy Spirit


God told us to "build the training center" and to "teach the Word and teach the Spirit." We have a unique mandate to raise up men and women of God who are learned in the Word of God, thoroughly equipped for every good work, and empowered in the Holy Spirit to be effective in their life and call to serve here and in the nations of the world.



Join us for these Exciting Classes:

  • Prophetic School

  • Jesus and the Prophetic

  • Life of Christ

  • The Torah

  • Prophets of the Bible


Here are all the classes offered through the School:

The Spirit and Life School offers collegiate level Bible courses, ministry and the work of the Holy Spirit. Students give offerings to help with class expenses. Those who desire to earn their minister's license, ordination, or diploma, pay a small tuition each semester.

Bible Classes

Old Testament Survey (3 Hours)

The Life of Christ (3 Hours)

New Testament Survey (3 Hours)

The Torah (3 Hours)

The Kingdom of God (3 Hours)

Acts and Early Church History (3 Hours)

Old Testament History (3 Hours)

Pastoral Epistles (3 Hours)

Old Testament Writings (3 Hours)

The General Epistles (3 Hours)

Systematic Theology (3 Hours)

The Pauline Epistles (3 Hours)

Holy Spirit Classes

Prophets of the Bible (3 Hours)

Gitts of the Holy Spirit (2 Hours)

Jesus in the Prophetic (3 Hours)

Offices of Ministry (2 Hours)

Preparing and Posturing (3 Hours)

Activation of the Gifts (2 Hours)

Activation of the Offices (2 Hours)

Posture, Receive, and Deliver (3 Hours)

Discover and Experience the Gifts (2 Hours)

Activate and Cultivate the Gifts (2 Hours)

Activation of the Seer, Hearer, Feeler (6 Hrs)


Ministry Classes

Hermeneutics (2 Hours)

Personal Evangelism (2 Hours)

Ethics (1 Hour)

Public Speaking (2 Hours)

Writing for Publication (2 Hours)

Personal Finance (1 Hour)

Church Planting (2 Hours)

Ministry and Marketing (2 Hours)

Ministry Finance (1 Hour)

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