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Worship Times

Sundays 8:45 am

Bilingual Worship & Ministry

Sundays 10:30 am

English Worship & Ministry

Wednesdays 6:45 PM

Midweek Discipleship & Ministry



Jesus' Church

5726 Mobud, San Antonio, TX 78238

Welcome to Jesus' Church

We'd love to have you join us this weekend in any of our worship gatherings. Our prayer for you is that from the time you arrive, you will have an overwhelming sense of the power, love, and presence of God. We are confident that you can experience what life with God is all about here, and we know that once you taste of the amazing benefits of living a God-first life, you will love it. Come join us this weekend. You'll quickly see we are down to earth and passionate about pursuing God and His will and destiny for all of us.



Planning Your First Visit?

We're excited that you're planning a visit! We're praying for you and want you to feel right at home. When you come inside, you will be greeted by our volunteers. We'll give you a tour, show you how kids participate in children's ministry, and answer any questions you may have.


After the worship gathering, we invite you to enjoy some refreshments in our fellowship area. You'll be able to meet some of our friendly leaders and members and find our more about Jesus' Church of San Antonio.



Here's What to Expect

Jesus' Church is a church in San Antonio that's focused on Jesus Christ, full of the Holy Spirit, and intentional about being an authentic New Testament church in our culture and world today.


God established this ministry in 2006 to be a prophetic voice today and to bring people into a nurturing relationship with Jesus that literally transforms them and the world. With God's help, we are doing this for His glory alone.


We invite you to come an experience the power and love of God with us. Here you will find people just like you who are passionate about seeking God and becoming all He wants us to be. Please come and join us this weekend. You'll love it!




Christ Centered
It's Not About Man or Money


You would think every church is focused on Jesus, right? While that is our hope, often times people are disappointed to realize later that it's all about a man, or money, or some pet peeve version of faith being espoused.


We are intentional about our focus on Christ, so we enthrone Him in these specific ways because Revelation 5 says Jesus is the lamb at the center of the throne - no one else and nothing else.


1. We preach and teach the message Jesus preached and taught


Many people have believed in Jesus a long time but have no idea what His message was all about. They may know how to worship or believe God for finances, or even how to become a better person, but can be clueless about what Jesus preached, taught, lived as an example for us, and provided for us in His death and resurrection - the Kingdom of God.


2. We pattern our ministry after the church Jesus established in the Bible


God specifically told our founding pastor to look to the Bible for the pattern. God directed Him to utilize Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts, and Revelation as the sole example of the church we are to be. For this reason, we make the pattern of ministry found in hte pages of the Bible as our guiding light in who we are to be and how we are to exist and make an impact in our culture.


3. We focus our ministry efforts on the things Jesus did in His church


Take a front row seat in Jesus' ministry and you'll see Him preaching the Kingdom, speaking God's truth, loving passionately, caring deeply, healing diseases, restoring brokenness, delivering captives, and investing Himself in disciples to carry on the legacy. These things that Jesus did in the Bible define our course of action in Christ the King.


4. We believe and receive the results Jesus had and promised we can have


Want forgiveness? Need change? How about healing, resotration, freedom, or a miracle from God? Want to grow in God's Word, discover and fulfill your God-given destiny? These amazing results that were experienced in Jesus' Church were not just for ancient people. These results are for people like you today. We beleive what Jesus said in Matthew 10, Luke 9, Matthew 28, John 17 and many other places, when He promised that His followers would carry on His minsitry to the ends of the earth. Here in Christ the King, the results of Christ are yours because He's the same yesterday, today, and forever.

The Holy Spirit
You Will Hear God's Voice

The Holy Spirit is God's gift to everyone who has a personal relationship with Jesus. We are a church that believes, teaches, and walks in the precious gift of the Holy Spirit, so your worship experience here will be quite different. Christ the king is infused with God's voice and His touch and activity in relaxed, friendly environment of passionate worship, prayer, and ministry.


Here in Christ the King, we simply allow the Sovereign King to be our Sovereign King. We pray and invite His activity in our worship gatherings and all that we do. We want God, more than anything, and this means the Holy Spirit.


We invite you to open yourself to the Lord, surrender to Him, and allow the Holy Spirit to touch your life. He will speak, encourage, and exalt Christ every time, and this is something to embrace because it is God's will for you.


1. Worship is Different


The Holy Spirit moves in our worship and people receive His touch in many ways. Some describe it as receiving peace, an answer to prayer, guidance, or feeling uplifted like a burden or weight was take off their shoulders. The Holy Spirit responds to our worship and praise and often heals, restores, and encourages people as they glorify God.


2. Prayer is Different


If you want to experience the beauty of the Holy Spirit in prayer, just ask someone here to pray for you. The Holy Spirit often has them pray exactly what is needed in your life at that moment, and sometimes has them pray for things you didn't know about but God wanted to minister to you. Jesus promises that when two or three gather in His name and agree in prayer, He is present and active, and He responds from heaven!


3. The Message is Different


The message you hear here is probably quite different than what you've heard before. This is simply because of the CHrist-centered appraoach and the freedom of the Holy Spirit to speak. People often report that things are preached that relate to exact things they are going through, talking about, or thinking about prior to being here. It's awesome to see God reach into our lives in such personal ways through His Word being preached.


4. The Impact is Different


Chrsit the King is a place where you can make real friends, experience real life change, and grow spiritually in expontential ways and become all God wants you to be. Join us!

A New Testament Church
Ancient Faith in Modern Culture


We seek to be the church of the Bible, plain and simple. We feel that the church Jesus started was good enough for Jesus and His disciples, it's good enough for us. We want our faith, walk with God, and church life to be like what the disciples had with the Lord thousands of years ago. We desire that the messages, ministry, activities, and results mimic what Christ did in Scripture with the original church in the New Testament.


This really defines a lot of things for us and sets us apart as a church. We simply desire to be real and authentic in being a church like the one Jesus started in the Bible.


1. New Testament Message & Ministry


The Message preached and taught here is the message Jesus preached. It always relates to and builds our lives today. The atmosphere and environment are also charged with prayer, faith, and the presence of God. This causes the ministry to have a major impact on the lives of those who visit, connect, and join.


2. New Testament Prayer & Results


Prayer for individuals and groups is common place because the early church was a praying church. On any given weekend, you'll find us seeking God through heartfelt and passionate prayer. As a result, healing, miracles, and answers to prayer are expected, believed for, and received as God reveals His love and power to us.


3. New Testament Change & Growth


Lives are transformed and changed in dramatic ways as God speaks, forgives, sets free, and gives new life. This personal change spills over into families and friends and places of employment too, as people change, grow, and become all God wants them to be in an environment of love, acceptance, and accountability.


4. New Testament Progress


God is glorified in all that takes place and His Word, Will, and Kingdom advance in inidivudal people, the community, and the wold. We are making progress for the glory of Christ the King.

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