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Spiritual Growth is Vital

You are His Child and He's Changing Your Life. Now What?


King Jesus is a major life changer. He accepts us into His Kingdom family when we place our faith in Him and follow Him in a loving and nurturing relationship built on the basics of communication - prayer, worship, reading the Bible, and participating in a local Bible believing church.


You're loving this life change, aren't you? You're loving the newfound acceptance, peace, and work God is doing on the inside. It's great! But now what? Well, keep enjoying your ever changing and ever growing relationship with Jesus, and get growing! Invest in your spiritual development.


How to Continue to Grow Spiritually

  1. Pray often from your heart and talk to God as often as possible

  2. Get a Bible, read it often, and ask God to speak to you as you do

  3. Join a Bible based church that is focused on Christ and full of the Holy Spirit Contact us to join Jesus' Church

  4. Study the Bible in a class or small group offered through your church               See Jesus' Church spiritual growth opportunities here

  5. Worship God often with songs and music that glorifies the Lord                  Enjoy some worship songs here

  6. Build strong friendships with believers who are stronger than you                Here are ways you can connect with believers here

  7. Serve and contribute in your local church                                                          See ways to serve in Jesus' Church and ways to give in Jesus' Church

As you grow, you will discover and reach your God-given destiny!  

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